New London local paper claims next election could be UK's last

A free monthly newspaper covering Westminster borough with a hard-line anti-Europe and Government-sceptic stance launching on Friday will wars that Britain’s next general election could be its last due to the increasing power of the European Union.

Despite its tagline: “Exposing our criminal Parliament”, the paper promises to cover everything from issues affecting the man on the street to the main acts of Parliament that, “astonishingly, go unpublished”.

Man-on-the-street issues were not evident on an early version of Friday's front page, posted on The Westminster News website.

The lead story was headlined “EU’s abolition of the UK set for May 2009” and warned readers that “the EU constitution will automatically abolish the British one.”

Publisher David Hetherington, who launched the Kensington and Chelsea Times in 1983 and was proprietor of Sketch News, said: “We’ve put it all together in the last couple of months. We’re a local paper for the people of Westminster, but we will campaign against the EU because in May or April 2009 Britain could be under overall control of Brussels.”

The first issue of The Westminster News is available from independent newsagents and libraries across Westminster and costs 30p where sold.

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