New current affairs magazine targets 'educated left wingers' - Press Gazette

New current affairs magazine targets 'educated left wingers'

A monthly current affairs magazine aimed at left-wing readers has been launched in London, writes Ruth Addicott.

Underground Focus is privately funded by philosophy book publisher and editor Sandy Leung.

The title will feature news and commentary from the UK and abroad with an emphasis on the left side of the political spectrum.

It is currently on sale only at independent newsagents in London and in some parts of Brighton but Leung hopes to extend its distribution to the rest of the UK in the next six months.

Leung said he hoped to attract “educated people” with an interest in political issues and accused other titles of paying more attention to big-name writers than core issues.

“We want to offer a forum for active debate and allow dissenting voices to be heard,” he said.

“There is obviously space in the precarious market of the left wing and liberal press for a new approach to what’s happening in the world today.”

Underground Focus will have a cover price of £1.50 and a print run of between 10,000 and 20,000.