Never mind the ******** about Tony

I would have thought your front page lead, “Greetings from
********” (Press Gazette, 19 August) was an April Fool’s joke,
except that it is was published in August.

Journalists have far
more important things to worry about than whether the press reveal, or
should reveal, Tony Blair’s holiday location – and if I wanted to read
what I assume is laddish humour (the asterisking out of the location)n
I would buy the Daily Mirror.

Marcia MacLeod London

I read your front page story “Greetings from ********” somewhat later than normally, on Monday afternoon.

I was somewhat surprised that “a five-minute search on Google News
will reveal the location of the Blairs’ not-so-secret holiday

Surprised, because I always find Google’s news search facility a much quicker source of information than that.

So I tried it myself.

took approximately 45 seconds (including the time taken to open
Internet Explorer and click through to the search page) for me to read:
“WEB EXCLUSIVE: Blairs are on holiday in Barbados”.

The source for this information? A publication called Press Gazette!

PS – are you still giving away badges to people who have letters published?

Gavin Drake Director of communications for the Bishop and Diocese of Lichfield Cannock, Staffordshire


Editor’s note: Thanks for helping to
draw our readers’ attention to the fact that they can read
up-to-the-minute breaking news on our web site, www.pressgazette.co.uk.

We do still have a handful of extremely valuable limited edition badges left. There’s one on the way.

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