National newspaper ABCs: good news at last for Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror’s long running sales slump may be finally turning around.
The May ABC figures showed it up 3.54 per cent
compared with April to 1,780,554.
Although the red-top was still down 3.58 per cent year-on-year, it is a
sign that the Mirror may be turning the corner on a relentless sales
slide dating back to before March 2003 when it fell below two million
for the first time in decades.
The Sun fell 0.86 per cent compared with
April to 3,230,322 and but was down a more respectable 3.88 per
cent year-on-year.
At the quality end of the market the rise of the
tabloid Times may have hit its peak, sales for May levelled out at
684,695 (down 0.4 per cent month-on-month, but up 4.97 per cent
The Independent managed to put on sales in May,
despite a price rise on April 29 from 60p to 65p. The paper is possibly
feeling the benefits of a redesign and relaunch in early April and
sales were up 0.78 per cent year-on-year to 263,043.
For full ABC analysis see Press Gazette magazine.
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