My job: Amanda Farnsworth

How did you get where you are today?

I joined the BBC as a news trainee when I was 22. My first job was on Panorama and then Newsnight. I worked in the BBC Washington DC bureau and then became deputy editor of Newsnight. I was a launch editor of News 24 in 1997, then became editor of the Six O’ Clock News and then edited the One O’ Clock News as well.

I decided to do something different and joined BBC?Sport at the start of 2007 to launch Inside Sport.

What are your main tasks?

With a new programme, there’s a lot of reassessing what the content and tone of the show are, and making tweaks. But daily tasks will be talking to agents to fix big-name interviews; commissioning filmed features; keeping up with current sports news; having team meetings to generate ideas; and working with the director on the look of the studio.

What are the most important things to know to do your job?

A knowledge of sport – and an understanding of the way the BBC works is helpful.

How important are contacts and how do you look after them?

Very important. Quite often you need to have long conversations with sports agents to get across the concept of the show and explain why it would be a good idea for their clients to come on.

You may need to meet them. And having Gabby Logan as our presenter is a real draw, too.

What’s the key to success in sport?

Having a team and department with key expertise to draw on for contacts, knowledge and advice.

What do you like and dislike about your job?

There’s nothing I dislike – I’ve been extremely lucky to have done jobs I enjoy all of my life.

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