Music magazine editor sacked after competition prizes offered for sale on Ebay

A music magazine editor has been sacked after two competition prizes were found advertised for sale on Ebay.

Blaze publishing announced that Acoustic Magazine editor Guy Little has been replaced this week.

His exit follows a dispute over how two guitars sent in as competition prizes were offered for sale rather than given to readers. Both instruments have since been returned.

Blaze Publishing owner Wes Stanton said: “My overwhelming feeling is one of sadness.

“Guy Little has been a talented and able editor who tried to put his own short-term self-interest ahead of the interests of his colleagues; our magazine advertisers and our readers.

“Acoustic is a successful title and Guy has done a good job for us – but there’s no excuse for his actions. I’m upset over the circumstances of his departure, but the fact that he must go is immutable."

One of the founders of the monthly title, Steve Harvey, has been made editor.

Harvey co-founded Acoustic in late 2004 and was the magazine's editor for its first 20 issues.

He said: "Acoustic guitars have been my passion (some would say obsession) ever since my first guitar lesson at primary school. Being so involved with the launch and early years of Acoustic was a definitely highlight of my career thus far, but the opportunity to be involved with the magazine, at a time when acoustic guitars and acoustic music are on such a high, is very exciting.

“I have always said to Wes that I would love to edit Acoustic magazine again if the opportunity were ever to arise.

“Obviously we are all shocked over the circumstances but I am glad I am able to step into the role given that I have a position of substantial knowledge and experience in this segment of the music industry market.”?

Guy Little was not available for comment.


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