MPs condemn job cuts at BBC

MPs have called for a halt to BBC plans to axe more than 3,780 jobs
and have demanded that the Corporation should explore with staff other
ways to make economies.

Labour MP Austin Mitchell has slapped
down a Commons motion condemning the BBC for announcing the job cuts
without any prior consultation with the staff.

The motion has attracted the support of 14 MPs.

to programme-making staff in core areas such as Radio 4 and Five Live,
Parliamentary coverage, News 24, The Politics Show, newsgathering and
world affairs, as well as 735 job cuts in the nations and regions, will
reduce quality and cause standards to fall,” the motion says.

falls in quality will result in viewers and listeners being less well
served and the value for money of the licence fee being damaged.”

The MPs praise the BBC staff’s campaign against the cutbacks.

motion “calls on the director general to halt job losses and to enter
into meaningful consultation with staff representatives to explore
other ways to achieve savings and real value for money”.

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