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Most journalists fear quality dip

More than half journalists across Europe believe that editorial quality will “erode” from lack of resources as a result of the recession and the shift from print to online, according to a study published today.

The European Digital Journalism Survey 2009 highlighted the mostly-pessimistic outlook of 354 journalists across Europe as economic and technological have taken their toll on the media industry.

Almost two in three of all respondents believed that the number of printed media will shrink dramatically in the near future and 32 per cent of journalists in the survey thought that their print publication or broadcast could be taken off the market altogether.

The research, published by the Oriella PR Network, also reveals that over two thirds of respondents say they had received no training in producing their new media content.

The report said: “The main difference between this year’s survey and last year’s is the colossal impact the recession has had on the media.

“The pressure is intensified by the fact that the ‘Digital Age’ revolution shows no sign of relenting, with journalists having to adopt to even more channels, such as Twitter, as well as continuing to produce news and features for print, online, video and audio formats.”

On the brighter side, the survey found that 84 per cent of journalists they were just as happy, or even happier in their roles, despite the extra pressure put upon them.