Morning Star to publish first Sunday edition to mark Labour leadership results

The Morning Star is preparing a one-off Sunday edition to publish the Labour leadership results.

The first ever Sunday issue comes on the morning the four-day Trade Union Congress starts in Brighton.

Editor Ben Chacko said he would not “want to bet on” who will win the Labour leadership contest but believes it will be Jeremy Corbyn.

Chacko said the Sunday edition could return after the leadership contest. He said: “If it goes down well we might do more on special occasions.”

The Morning Star, which describes itself as Britain's only socialist newspaper, is backing Corbyn's bid to be Labour leader.

Regarding other potential winners, Chacko said: “It’s obviously Yvette Cooper or Andy Burnham – in whatever order. I don’t want to commit.”

Asked about winning policies, he said the return to public ownership of transport and energy “is a real winner”.


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