Morgan uses Kent paper to call truce with Hislop

Former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan called an end to his longstanding feud with Private Eye editor Ian Hislop, exclusively through the pages of the Kent on Sunday.

Editor Bernard Ginns decided to contact Morgan after reading an interview with Hislop who slated his old enemy in The Independent's media section.

Morgan said: "I am officially, through the channels of the Kent on Sunday, calling an end to hostilities. The war is over. At least from my end. I'm sure it won't stop him carrying on his ‘Piers is a Moron' fun — and this week's is quite funny — but the good thing is that you can't buy Private Eye in Hollywood, so I don't have to worry about it any more."

Morgan is currently pursuing a TV career in the US, appearing as a judge in David Hasselhoff's America's Got Talent.

In response, Kent-based Hislop jibed: "What is that — an armistice or an unconditional surrender?"

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