More pay

Sub-editors at magazine publisher Reed Business Information (RBI)
are refusing to operate a new production system until managers pay them
extra for the work.

The new Mosaic system, which is being
gradually brought in right across RBI’s magazines, transfers the task
of placing ads on editorial pages from typesetters to subs.

typesetters at RBI’s repro house JJays have lost their jobs since the
introduction of the system, and members of RBI’s NUJ chapel are
demanding a salary increase of £500 each for the added work. The NUJ
has advised staff on mags that have not yet brought in the system, such
as big-earning titles Farmers Weekly and Commercial Motor , not to
accept it until discussions are concluded.

Patric Cunnane, FoC at
Sutton-based RBI, said: “It’s additional work and responsibility for
subs. If there’s a problem with the placing of an ad then they will now
be blamed for it, so we would expect additional payment, and extra
resources if necessary.

“The company was initially quite
resistant to that, but it has softened its position and is talking in
quite a helpful way with us.

“This has been going on since early
last year and some titles are already using Mosaic, but where it’s not
been introduced we’re advising members not to use it.”

An RBI spokesman said: “We are in constructive discussions with the NUJ and hope to reach a mutually acceptable conclusion.”

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