Monty's memo...Save our Stokoe...Mail's libel payout to Sally Morgan: PG's top ten most-read stories of 2013 - Press Gazette

Monty's memo...Save our Stokoe...Mail's libel payout to Sally Morgan: PG's top ten most-read stories of 2013

From Oliver Kay's 'scoop' over the creation of a Qatar football superleague to the Sunday Times' safety fears on taking freelance pictures from Syria – here are Press Gazette's ten most-read stories of 2013.

In ascending order of popularity:


Oliver Kay '1000 per cent' sure French website not source for Qatar football super-league

Times chief football correspondent Oliver Kay has emphatically denied claims aired on Yahoo Eurosport that today’s Times back page lead is a spoof story. (The story did later turn out to be a fake)



Campaign gathers pace to save Whitby Gazette editor Jon Stokoe as PG launches online petition

Press Gazette is backing a campaign calling for Johnston Press chief executive Ashley Highfield to keep redundancy-threatened Jon Stokoe as editor of the Whitby Gazette.


Revealed: Legal threats which secured media silence over Rolf Harris

The Mail on Sunday has revealed the “veiled threats” it received from lawyers for Rolf Harris.


Daily Mail pays £125k damages plus costs to TV psychic Sally Morgan over 'charlatan' report

The Daily Mail has agreed to pay TV psychic Sally Morgan £125,000 in damages as well as legal costs over a 2011 story which accused her of being a charlatan.


Tube bosses ban Mirror ad parodying Sun's Page 3

Transport for London has banned a new Trinity Mirror poster campaign from London’s Underground network.

The poster, which shows a female model in a bath with her elbows poking out, is a parody of The Sun’s continuing use of topless models on its Page 3.



Google now believed to be world's biggest media owner with revenue of $37.9bn

Google is now the world’s largest media owner, according to ZenithOptimedia’s Top Thirty Global Media Owners report.

It estimates that in 2012 Google accounted for 65 per cent of all internet searches across the world and 82 per cent of all paid search advertising. With its investment in Youtube, ownership of Google+ and moves into mobile advertising – ZenithOptimedia estimates that Google has 15 per cent of display advertising worldwide.


Times apologises for front-page Andy Murray headline

The Times has issued a correction to its front-page headline saluting Andy Murray on his Wimbledon victory.

Two weeks after it declared “Murray ends 77-year wait for British win”, the paper has pointed out that there have been four female winners of Wimbledon since 1936.


May 21, June 1, June 5, August 1, August 3

Groundhog day: Why Daily Express front pages may leave readers with a sense of deja vu


David Montgomery (Reuters)

Newspapers put together by one person 'skimming online content' – Montgomery's leaked Local World vision document

Chief executive of the Local World group David Montgomery today sent staff a 2,000-plus word explanation of how he sees the future role of the journalist in his group.

Sub-editors and editors are largely a thing of the past under Montgomery’s plan which will see police, hospitals, schools and businesses publish their content directly to the Local World websites.

Montgomery believes that new technology will allow weekly newspapers to be put together by one person in a “small number of sessions” by “skimming online content” and dailies will be created by a “handful” of office-based staff.


Sunday Times tells freelances not to submit photographs from Syria

A British war photographer has been told not to submit his pictures from the Syria war zone to The Sunday Times because they “do not wish to encourage freelancers to take exceptional risks”.

After submitting pictures from Aleppo this week Rick Findler was told by the foreign desk that “it looks like you have done some exceptional work” but “we have a policy of not taking copy from Syria as we believe the dangers of operating there are too great”.


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