Monthly magazine for British vegans offering content 'without preaching' to launch this month

A new glossy magazine aimed at the UK’s half-a-million vegans – and those interested in learning more about the benefits of the plant-based diet – will launch this month.

Vegan Living (pictured) offers interviews with vegan celebrities, chefs and entrepreneurs, reviews, recipes and ethical fashion and beauty tips on a monthly basis “without preaching”, said editor Flic Everett.

“Vegan Living is for a new kind of vegan – less hippie and hemp, more elegant and ethical,” she said, revealing 88 per cent of vegans live in urban areas while 42 per cent are under 34.

Veganism involves maintaining a diet that avoids all animal foods such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey. Vegans also often avoid wearing leather and any products tested on animals.

“Vegan Living isn’t about preaching to non-vegans, or being smug about wellness,” said Everett, a former Manchester Evening News and national newspaper columnist.

“We’re assuming people have their own reasons for adopting a plant-based diet and we’re just here to make life easier.

“There’s a huge array of vegan products and brands now, and growing interest from top chefs in producing incredible food without using meat or dairy.

“We want to celebrate that, and make it accessible to everyone, in a beautifully-designed, engaging package.”

The magazine is produced by three editorial freelances, including the managing editor, editor and sub-editor, as well as several regular freelance contributors.

The first edition of Vegan Living will be available from 27 October priced at £4.99.

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