Month sees another year

One year after its launch, The Sunday Times has confirmed that it is to keep producing monthly interactive CD-Rom, The Month, even though it has failed to have a major impact on sales

The Month was trumpeted by the paper as the biggest change to newspapers since colour supplements, when it was launched with a £10m investment a year ago.

But circlation over that period has declined and stands at 1,350,384 for the six months to July, compared with 1,372,747 a year before.

Despite this, the paper claims its own research shows that the monthly CD-rom has brought in new readers.

Marketing director Andrew Mullins said: “The CD-Rom has proven to be a strong brand extension and has been an effective circulation driver.

“Not only has The Month helped us to attract a younger, computer-savvy audience, it has enabled us to re-establish the paper as the leader in the entertainment industry.”

The Month provides a monthly round-up of film, theatre, computer games and music releases with sample tracks and film trailers.

By Dominic Ponsford

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