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Month-on-month dip sees Mail Online still 10m ahead

Mail Online saw a month-on-month dip in traffic in February but it remained 10 million ahead of its nearest national press online rival with more than 50m unique web browsers.

According to figures released today by ABC, the short month of February saw Mail Online reach 50,927,975 unique browsers – compared with just over 56 million in January. Year on year the total was up 40.7 per cent.

Average daily browser numbers were also slightly down for Mail Online, by 1.4 per cent to an average o 3,143,141.

Nearest rival reached 39,485,496 unique browsers in February according to ABC, up 27.5 per cent year on year. Its daily total was 2,460,009.

Next was with 32,845,994 monthly browsers (up 17.8 per cent year on year) and 1,851,554 daily browsers.

Mirror Group Digital’s total was 10,900,788 for the month (up 18.7 per cent) and 548,303 per day.

The Independent reached 12,472,852 browsers over the month (up 30.7 per cent year on year) and 621,219 per day.

Looking at daily browser numbers, The Guardian and Independent were both up month on month (by 6.8 per cent and 10.8 per cent respectively) and Mirror Group was down 9 per cent.

Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette