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Moira Stuart returns to read news on Chris Evans show

The BBC confirmed today that veteran newsreader Moira Stuart will read the news on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 breakfast show when it starts on Monday.

Sixty-year-old Stuart will return to read bulletins for Evans, who is taking over from Terry Wogan, after previously being dropped from the BBC’s roster of newsreaders.

Evans said today: “It doesn’t get any better than Moira Stuart. The voice, the authority, the style, the class, plus a side of her the majority of people have never seen before.

“She’s funny, she’s cheeky and dare I say it – ever such a little bit naughty.”

Stuart’s departure, in 2007, after more than 30 years at the corporation led to accusations that she had been a victim of age discrimination.

The BBC has since come under increasing fire for alleged ageism. In July, the sacking of 66-year-old Arlene Phillips from her role as a judge on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing – to be replaced by 30-year-old singer Alesha Dixon – sparked over 2,000 complaints in 24 hours.

Mark Thompson, BBC director general, then called on BBC management to hire more older women, including a newsreader, to counter accusations of ageism.


2 thoughts on “Moira Stuart returns to read news on Chris Evans show”

  1. Very good news! Salute and accolades to the BBC 2 Controller and Chris Evans, (if the latter has had any say in casting the job).Andrew Marr was a fool to let Moira Stuart go with none or so little comment. After her dismissal there was a huge outcry and protest from the nation as it lost one of its favourite and most professional Newsreadsers. Marr lost stature. As did again this week in his feeble wishy-washy comments on a Radio 4 programme about older women newsreaders. His lack of support for Moira Stuart when asked, revealed him as a vacillating, petty individual.Until reading this news report I’d no thought about listening to Radio 2’s morning show, but will do now. Let’s hope BBC TV schedulers will also do the smart thing and bring back Stuart on to the TV screens as well?Jane Barnbrook

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