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Mirror still fastest growing UK newspaper website as Mail Online confirms record 134m browsers

The Mirror website continues to be the fastest growing digital platform of any national newspaper.

Mirror Group Digital boasted 1,447,198  average daily unique browsers in July, an increase of 77 per cent compared to the same month in 2012, according to the latest figures from ABC.

However, The Sun, in the last month in which it offered its content for free before erecting a paywall on 1 August, stretched its digital lead over its redtop rival.

The Sun attracted a total of 31,781,861 unique monthly browsers, just over 2m more than the Mirror. In June, the gap between the two sites had come down to around 250,000 monthly users.

Mail Online continues to lead the way. As the site itself revealed earlier this month, July saw it attract a record 134,244,177 monthly browsers and an average of 8,882,767 a day, up 35 per cent year on year.

The Guardian was up by 39 per cent on its daily user figure and 36 per cent on monthly numbers.

All newspaper groups revealed year-on-year increases for both daily and monthly browsers.

Having  gone behind a metered paywall in April, the Telegraph posted the smallest year-on-year increases. However, it did see small month-on-month increases in both its daily and monthly numbers (0.75 and 0.63 per cent, respectively) having posted its first decline last month.

National newspapers’ average daily website traffic for July 2013

  • Mail Online: 8,822,767, up 35.24 per cent year on year
  • Guardian.co.uk: 4,799,741, up 38.96 per cent
  • Telegraph: 2,753,596, up 5.88 per cent
  • The Sun: 1,871,623, up 22.7 per cent
  • Mirror Group Digital: 1,447,198, up 76.66 per cent
  • The Independent: 1,222,469, up 65.16 per cent
  • Metro: 480,524, up 35.24 per cent
  • Standard.co.uk: 206,474, up 21.99 per cent

National newspapers’ total monthly browsers for July 2013

  • Mail Online: 134,244,177, up 43.99 per cent year on year
  • Guardian.co.uk: 84,846,900, up 36.27 per cent
  • Telegraph.co.uk: 54,345,008, up 4.89 per cent
  • The Sun: 31,781,861, up 25.98
  • Mirror Group Digital: 29,754,028, up 77.52 per cent
  • The Independent: 26,229,052, up 63.36
  • Metro: 10,917,353, up 29.73 per cent
  • Standard.co.uk: 4,677,160, up 21.02 per cent



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