Mirror pensioners remember Boram

Group pensioners are expected to turn out in force at St Bride’s Church
in Fleet Street on Wednesday 18 January, for a memorial service to the
man credited with saving their pension funds.

Tony Boram first
suspected Maxwell of siphoning off cash from staff pensions in the late
1980s and sued him as chairman of the Association of Mirror Pensioners.
Boram accepted sole liability for the action and risked his house and
savings in doing so.

After Maxwell’s death in 1991, Boram gave
evidence to the Commons Select Committee on Pensions and the DTI
inquiry into Maxwell’s affairs and he assisted the new pension scheme
trustees in their efforts to recover stolen assets.

Boram started
his career on the Romford Times sports desk and moved on to the Daily
Express before going to the Daily Herald as sports editor, night
editor, and later deputy editor. In the 1970s he joined the board of
Mirror Group Newspapers as group editorial director.

He died in October 2004, aged 77, a month after his wife Sylvia. The memorial service starts at midday.

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