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Military won't release home addresses of those killed

The Ministry of Defence Green Book covering its rules of engagement
with the media no longer contains a commitment to release the home
addresses of those killed in action.

The new edition does not
include a caveat asked for by the Newspaper Society about the
importance of releasing home address details of those killed.

paragraph 59 now states that names, ages, marital status, units and
home areas – but not addresses – will be released to the media.

director of news Simon Wren said: “The document remains a statement of
intent and should be read in conjunction with specific advice that will
be discussed with the media and issued by the MoD as part of the
planning and preparation for each assignment.”

Details included in the Green Book include the equipment war correspondents can expect to be provided with by the MoD.

includes: a respirator and case, nuclear/biological/chemical suit,
combat cap, a webbing waist belt and shoulder slides bearing the words
“media correspondent”.

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