Metro and Mail Online apologise and take down articles which reported only one side of paternity dispute involving '£1bn fortune'

Metro and Mail Online have both taken down stories which reported claims made by man involved in a paternity suit without putting them to the mother involved.

The Mail Online article published on 21 March was headlined: “Former market trader, 49, claims he has PROVED he’s the father of a boy who will inherit £1 billion after a ‘six-year romance with the daughter of one of Luxembourg’s richest tycoons”.

The story published on 22 March said: “Man proves he’s the father of heir to a £1,000,000,000 fortune”.

Both titles are published out of the same newsroom.

The articles reported a man’s belief that, following a prolonged legal battle, he had managed to prove that he was the father of a child who was heir to a substantial fortune.

The mother of the child, who was not identified, complained to the Independent Press Standards Organisation saying the man’s claims were false and that neither Metro or the Mail had contacted her to verify the claims.

After initially rejecting the woman’s complaint, both titles have now – six months on – withdrawn the articles and published apologies to the woman and her family.

Because resolutions were mediated, IPSO did not make a finding as to whether the articles were in breach of the Editors’ Code, clause of one of which states that publishers must take not to publish inaccurate information.


1 thought on “Metro and Mail Online apologise and take down articles which reported only one side of paternity dispute involving '£1bn fortune'”

  1. This needs a little perspective here. This involves the duplicitous granddaughter of the founder of one of the world’s biggest media empires who has refused five DNA tests in 10 years, and will still not accept results that show with 99.9999% certainty her husband is not the real father. She has even tried to claim in court they were never intimate, despite evidence of a six year relationship and an engagement. An individual from a humble background has been left penniless and broken by this. The media is being browbeaten for attempting to stick up for the little man. It is a morally nauseating story.

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