Mentor scheme for students

By Andy Dixon

Students at the University of Lincoln will be hand-picked for a new
mentoring scheme that aims to lead future graduates to journalistic

The mentors will be provided by the Lincoln School of Journalism’s
advisory panel, which consists of experienced journalists and editors
with backgrounds in print, broadcast and online media.

The mentoring was suggested at the inaugural meeting of the panel on November 14.

mentoring system would act as guidance for students interested in
making contacts in the industry and pursuing a career in journalism.

Grubb, the new editor of the Lincolnshire Echo, said: “The panel could
act as mentors for small groups of students, following them through
their time at university.

“If, after three years with the same
group, I found one person [to employ on the paper] it would be time
well spent, which would be a fantastic thing for me and really good for
the students,” he said.

“I think that as an industry we should
make sure we take an active role in helping to educate the young
journalists of the future,” continued Grubb.

“I think a lot of
editors tend to complain about the standard of the candidates that they
have available but do very little to help improve it.”

The panel of editors, producers and working journalists aims to help the school with new ideas and student discussions.

Telegraph editor Michelle Lalor said: “Hopefully it will help encourage
more interaction between the industry and the students, which I think
is really important for both parties.”

The print and broadcast
panels will meet once a year, while the online panel will be
exclusively web-based, with forums set up for constant contact on the
Lincoln School of Journalism website.

LSJ senior lecturer and
chairman of the print panel Bernie Russell said: “We hope that they
will become candid professional friends of the university and that they
will guide us in developing the course.”

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