Men's Health limbers up for TV launch

Monthly men’s lifestyle title, Men’s Health, has prepared 90 workout videos ready for the launch of Men’s Health TV on its website at the end of this month.

The videos were prepared by the magazine’s fitness editor Wesley Doyle – who did the voiceovers – and dedicated web editor Abi Newman, who produced and uploaded them.

Alun Williams, publishing director of Men’s Health, said: ‘One of the hardest things we found to describe in the magazine is how to do the perfect bicep curl or how to do the perfect press-up, so this is very useful content. Our users can actually visualise the exercise themselves.”

Williams said: ‘We relaunched the website in December 2006 and have been growing rapidly since. What we’ve been trying to do is increase the amount of interactivity. This is our latest development and another route of communicating and interacting with our reader.”

Men’s Health online recorded an ABCE of 300,000 uniques for January. Meanwhile the printed version’s average circulation was 240,315 for the second half of 2007, its 12th consecutive year-on-year ABC increase.

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