Meet the Press Cadets

The 10 Press Cadets who will battle it out for one of two posts as a
Camelot-sponsored trainee at Press Gazette have been chosen and have
been set their first task. Next week you can read how they did
reviewing the Dogs gig for the NME at the Scala in London – and find
out which two have been ‘spiked’

Gareth Gore

Age: 24 Career history: MA in international journalism from City
University, London. Freelanced at Haymarket before joining the London
Globe as deputy editor and chief sub this year.

Why I want to be a journalist: Democracy needs good journalism.

of being yet another citizen sometimes angry with, sometimes ambivalent
about, those that represent us, I want to be given the chance to ask
the questions people want answered.

Elaine Okyere

Age: 22 Career history: Completed the postgraduate diploma in
magazine journalism at City University, London, this summer and has had
work placements at Young People Now, Sugar and Take a Break.

Why I want to be a journalist: Through my writing I hope to
challenge people’s perceptions and opinions. I love the buzz of a
newsroom; finding a story, working towards a deadline and developing a
story from the initial idea to the finished product.

Benjamin Leach

Age: 25 Career history: Founder and editor of Fast Like Squirrel online. Now trainee reporter at the Elmbridge Guardian.

Why I want to be a journalist: The most exciting part of a newsroom
is watching how, as a story breaks, it affects the lives of the people
involved and of the readers. I think a passion [for the job] should
stem from a selfless belief in journalism as an objective voice, rather
than a desire for personal gain.

Rachel Williams

Age: 20 Career history: Trainee reporter, Wiltshire Gazette and Herald. NCTJ pre-entry.

Why I want to be a journalist: News excites me. I want to record history and landmark events and tell the world about them.

Tim Weissberg

Age: 23 Career history: Postgraduate diploma in journalism studies
at Cardiff university, online editor of university magazine Lippy.

Why I want to be a journalist: After reading the work of US
journalist Michael Herr on the Vietnam war, I knew then I wanted to do
what Herr did.

Zoe Smith

Age: 25 Career history: One year in Milan, Italy, as an interpreter
and research assistant for Fazi Editore and freelance work for Rolling

Intern on The Observer. BA in journalism and social sciences.

Why I want to be a journalist: There isn’t any other career that I could enjoy more or be better at.

William Payne

Age: 23 Career history: Work experience at Racing Post and the
Mirror, worked for BBC Match of the Day for six months and in the
sports library.

Why I want to be a journalist: At 12 I realised I was not going to
captain Arsenal, but by the time I had to make decisions about my
career I already knew I wanted to be a journalist.

Lou Thomas Age: 25 Career history: NCTJ pre-entry course at Lambeth College, occasional freelancing for Emap’s 3G News team.

I want to be a journalist: Journalism to me is like living in a decent
city. It can be exciting, frustrating, hilarious, scary, grimy,
glamorous, life-affirming and captivating – often in the space of a
single day (or story).

Elizabeth Pountney

Age: 24 Career history: Various PA/assistant work at GQ, The
Guardian and The Sunday Times. Currently fashion news editor on Clash,
freelancing for Sunday Times’ Style, Hooker and Condé Nast Traveller.

Why I want to be a journalist: My college thesis, “The
Representation of Women on Page Three of The Sun”, was one of the most
enjoyable allconsuming pieces of journalism I’d ever done and I loved
it. I knew I wanted to be a journalist.

Les Floyd

Age: 31 Career history: Currently write a blog for the News &
Star, Carlisle, about my experiences in recovery from depression,
alcoholism and agoraphobia.

Why I want to be a journalist: I already am a journalist, and I’ve
been training all my life. I was questioning “Why?” “Who?” “Where?” and
“What for?” before I could talk or write. At 31 – and starting out on a
“new life” after years lost to depression and other “mental” problems – I want to hone these skills and do what I do best: write.

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