'Matronly' jibe well off target

I would like to take Loaded editor Martin Daubney up on his recent
comments to Press Gazette (5 August)n about Company where he referred
to the magazine as “matronly”.

As any man worth his salt would
know, it is never a good idea to wrongly speculate about a woman’s age
or her weight, and so I feel duty bound to defend my magazine and its
readers against such a comment.

Not only is the term “matronly”

its also clearly misplaced when used in conjunction with a magazine
whose average reader age is 25. Which leads me to the following
conclusion: either he has little knowledge of the women’s magazine
market, or he couldn’t think of any relevant adjective which was both
accurate and insulting, or he has a Hattie Jacques fixation… none of
which he should take any pride in (apologies to Hattie Jacques fans)!

Victoria White editor, Company magazine

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