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Marketing magazine reveals new look

Marketing's new look

Haymarket’s weekly trade magazine for the marketing industry has had a redesign with a new look website due later this year.

Marketing, which has a circulation of 42,372, has been given a ‘fresh’new look and been organised to make it easier for the readers to navigate.

Editor Lucy Barrett said: ‘Trade press aren’t always the most glamorous [magazines] but we’ve tried to make it look really good so it’s pleasing on the eye. We’ve bought in new fonts and there is a lot clearer signposting in the magazine and the sections are a lot more clearly marked.”

New features include a weekly two-page profile of a leader in the world of marketing – starting this week with Mark Simpson, director of communications for Ford of Europe.

The magazine, which was founded in 1931, has also introduced a feature called “Me & My Mentor”, in which senior marketing people look back at a person who was a big influence earlier on in their career.

To increase the magazine’s online focus the back page is now a regular online feature called “Who does Google Think You Are?”.

Marketing magazine has merged its direct marketing and digital marketing sections in reflection of the changes in the marketing industry and the two sectors moving closer together.

A redesign of the magazine’s website will follow later this year.