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Magazine campaigns for positive coverage of youth

Young People Now magazine is launching an editorial campaign at Westminster, lobbying for more positive media coverage of young people. The “Positive Images” campaign, which starts on 12 October, includes new MORI research concerning the negative portrayal of young people in newspapers.

The weekly magazine is also drafting a press code, taking into consideration existing codes, which will be unveiled at the launch, and is setting up an awards scheme to celebrate the most friendly news output.

Media analysis, carried out by the company, studied all types of newspapers.

Their results showed that a majority of stories use a negative tone and focus on crime, despite recent Home Office findings that youthrelated crime is relatively low.

Editor Steve Barrett said: “We are not asking the media to avoid reporting youth crime, we are asking for balance, a move beyond stereotypes and a recognition that young people also have a voice.”

By Sarah Lagan