Magazine ABCs: TV Choice continues to chase What's on TV

Bauer’s TV Choice again gained ground on market leader IPC’s What’s On TV, leaving some 30,700 between them.

TV Choice’s ABC of 1,39,774 represented an 8.1 per cent increase year on year while What’s On TV saw its circulation fall 5.8 per cent to 1,422,486.

A similar pattern was repeated in February’s ABCs, when TV Choice posted an 11.6 per cent increase and What’s on TV fell by 4.3 per cent and the gap between them closed to 84,214.

Radio Times, until deregulation in 1991 considered the definitive listings magazine, saw its share of the 5.4 million market fall by 2.2 per cent to 1,046,601. Although still firmly ahead of the other titles – TV Times’ circulation fell 5.3 per cent to 353,014, the title will be anxious about the move nearer to the all-important million mark.

TV Listings: Radio & TV Guides ABC circulation figures for first half of this year (with percentage growth year-on-year)

What’s On TV 1,422,486 – down 5.8 per cent
TV Choice 1,391,774 – up 8.1 per cent
Radio Times 1,046,601 – down 2.2 per cent
TV Times 353,014 –down 5.3 per cent
TV Easy 284,867 – down 5.5 per cent
TV Quick 224,779 – down 14.3 per cent
TV & Satellite Week 201,532 – down 4.9 per cent
Inside Soap 198,852 – up 8.4 per cent
Total TV Guide 112,534 – up 11.1 per cent
Soaplife 109,427 – up 18.2 per cent
All About Soap 87,619 – up 17.1 per cent

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