Magazine ABCs: Real life takes a hit from newcomers

The once -buoyant real life market is showing signs of strain as every title bar one was down in circulation.

Market leader Bauer’s Take a Break was down 5.9 per cent to 1,018,423 and IPC’S Chat fell 7.7 per cent to 511,510 as the recent influx of new titles took its toll on everyone in the sector.

Of the relative newcomers into the market Pick Me Up (IPC) was the only title to stay steady with circulation of 447,100 but both Love It! (News Magazines) and Real People (ACP-Natmags) were down by 1.2 and 2.7 per cent respectively. Full House experienced the sharpest decline, down 17.1 per cent year on year to 159,113.

In the traditional women’s weeklies, every title took a hit on the newsstand with Bauer’s Bella losing a quarter of its circulation, down 25.4 per cent to 247,390. Market leader Woman from IPC was down 11.4 per cent to 369,982 per cent and Woman’s Weekly suffered a similar fate, down 5.5 per cent to 369,926. Woman’s Own also fell 6.2 per cent to 344,765.

Real life weeklies:

Take a Break 1,018,423 –5.9 per cent
Chat 511,510 –7.7 per cent
Pick Me Up 447,100 +0.4 per cent
That’s Life 443, 604 –9.5 per cent
Love It! 400,603 –1.2 per cent
Real People 309,477 –2.7 per cent
Full House 159,113 –17.1 per cent

Traditional weeklies:

Woman 369,982 –11.4 per cent
Woman’s Weekly 369,926 –5.5 per cent
Woman’s Own 344,765 -6.2 per cent
Best 340,793 –5.9 per cent
People’s Friend 337,898 –5 per cent
Bella 247,390 –25.4 per cent
My Weekly 171,392 –13.9 per cent
The Lady 31,033 –9.5 per cent

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