Mag publisher Condé Nast clarifies 'confusion' over faster payment fee plan saying it does not apply to individual freelances

Condé Nast has clarified its plans to introduce a faster payment fee for freelances contracted to its US publications after admitting a message to its vendors had caused “some confusion”.

There had been concerns that freelance journalists were being offered a term in their contracts that would see a small discount taken from their invoice to the Vogue and GQ publisher in exchange for faster payment.

A message to vendors posted online by the company, picked up by fashion news website Fashionista, said: “At the top of our project list is an accelerated payment option, which will allow you to get paid more quickly when a small discount taken off the invoice is accepted.”

But a spokesperson for Condé Nast US has today confirmed that this payment option is only intended for large corporations and not individuals.

They told Press Gazette: “I wanted to take a moment to clarify and expand on a website communication to our vendors yesterday (which included our community of independent contractors/contributors) that has caused some confusion.

“In an effort to provide added convenience for enterprise corporate vendors who are on a 90-day payment plan, we are introducing a flexible option that includes a modest fee for accelerated payment.

“We are not changing payment terms of existing contracts, except to provide those vendors with a new benefit.

“This new practice does not apply to our independent contractors/contributors; our policy is to pay them within 30 days from invoice date or pursuant to any agreed upon terms, or as otherwise required by law.”

The contract option only concerns vendors in the US.



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