Mag advises how to spend City bonuses

By Zoe Smith

An exclusive lifestyle magazine that aims to show its readers "how to spend their bonuses tastefully" has been launched by City paper Financial News.

Brummell will be a published three times a year in association with Financial News, a weekly newspaper featuring news and analysis of Europe’s securities and investments industry.

James Rutter, the magazine’s managing editor, said: "It’s unusual that somebody from a trade publication should try to do something in the lifestyle sector as a supplement, but our reader is potentially a prime customer of most luxury goods brands so is therefore very attractive to advertisers."

Rutter, who previously edited Global Investor magazine, said Brummell was more than just another glossy supplement featuring "lots of expensive stuff to buy". Instead it offered its readers a fresh mix of luxury lifestyle features from a City perspective.

"Brummell keeps the link between financial news, what we are doing and the reader. The whole idea was that we bring as many readers into the magazine as possible," he said.

The editorial for Brummell is produced by Show Media, the company founded by Peter Howarth, former editor of GQ and Arena, as the new publication needed a partner that could add experience of the glossy luxury goods sector to Financial News’s City expertise.

The current edition includes articles on contemporary art with figures from the Square Mile talking about their personal collections, along with travel pages featuring financial movers and shakers’ favourite destinations.

"People read it, not only because it has lots of nice expensive things in there, but because people that they know, or that they might do business with or that they might meet, are going in its pages," Rutter said.

The first issue is concerned with the "agony and ecstasy of bonus season".

Rutter added: "It was timed to roughly coincide with the period when bonuses are paid in the City, which gives it that extra logic as there are lots of people with lots of money washing around."

The magazine will have a different theme for each issue.

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