Mag ABCs: Teen trauma continues as fifth of readers run away

The teen sector remained in deep trouble as almost all titles lost about a fifth of their readership in the last twelve months.

In teen lifestyle, Emap’s Bliss remained on top but down 22.7 per cent
year-on-year to 213,466 and Hachette’s rival monthly Sugar was down
29.8 per cent year-on-year to 200,187. Natmags' CosmoGirl fell 13.2 per
cent to 142,010.

In the entertainment sector – ever shrinking since the close of both
Smash Hits! and Sneak this year – Top of the Pops was down 16.6 per
cent to 116,858 and It’s Hot!, its sister BBC title, was down 19.5 per
cent to 66,168. It’s Hot! recently announced a repositioning in the
market as a monthly, features led title.

Teen titles ABCs Jan – Jun 2006 (year on year)

Teen lifestyle

Bliss: 213,466, down 22.7 per cent

Sugar: 200,187, down 29.8 per cent

CosmoGirl: 142,010, down 13.2 per cent

Shout: 82,983, up 23.2 per cent

Mizz: 60,130, down 9.7 per cent

Teen entertainment

Top of the Pops: 116,858, down 16.6 per cent

It’s Hot: 66,168, down 19.5 per cent

TV Hits: 54,726, down 35.2 per cent

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