Lucky or unlucky? Journalists get the CRAPPs...

The winners of the CRAPPs – a series of prizes to celebrate the “relationship between journalists, bloggers and PRs” – have been announced.

The Communication Relation Awards from PR Professionals – handed out by 10 Yetis PR agency and Daryl Wilcox publishing – may prove to be a mixed blessing for the recipients (and perhaps even for the nominees).

The Guardian’s Charles Arthur may prove the luckiest of the bunch – he was voted as the journalist most likely to tell you to sling your hook.

Full list of winners:

The journalist that makes you feel warm and furry on the inside:

  1. Ben Moss – sport.co.uk
  2. Adrian Bridgwater – freelance
  3. Tara Evans – thisismoney.co.uk

The ‘most likely to tell you to sling your hook’ award:

  1. Charles Arthur – The Guardian
  2. Sean Poulter – The Daily Mail
  3. Gary Flood – freelance

The ‘Best Blogger’ PR award

  1. Tom Fordyce – BBC
  2. Sally Whittle – Who’s the Mummy
  3. Adam Vincenzini – Comms Corner

Least twattish Twitterer – the must follow journo

  1. Harry Wallop – The Daily Telegraph
  2. Caitlin Moran – The Times
  3. Dr Ben Goldacre –Bad Science

Most approachable daily newspaper

  1. The Guardian
  2. The Daily Telegraph
  3. The Times

Journalist you’d most like to bring to the dark side (employ as PR):

  1. Mark Dye – freelance
  2. Harry Wallop – The Daily Telegraph
  3. Jemima Kiss – The Guardian

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