Loaded covermounts with '4-in-a -bed' DVD

IPC’s Loaded is promoting its July issue with a Big Brother
covermounted DVD that promises sex confessions, pole dancing and
frolicking “in a 4-in-a-bed frenzy”.

‘Loaded Presents Big
Brother’s Awesome Foursome’ is labelled “too rude for TV”, rated
certificate 18 and goes behind the scenes of four BB girls’ photoshoot
for Loaded’s 9-page July centrefolds special.

Editor Martin
Daubney said: “Loaded has fulfilled every young man’s wishes and
compiled the ultimate Big Brother dream team – mercifully free from
tiresome urban poets and transvestites.”

Lads mags have been
under scrutiny for their increasingly sexually explicit front covers. But recent guidelines published by the National
Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) confirmed that lads mags were
“not top shelf titles”.

It recommended that retailers should be
“sensitive in relation to the display of titles with front covers
and/or content that may be inappropriate to display at a young person’s
eye-level or below”.

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