Lloyd inquest: IFJ calls for US to explain 19 media killings

The IFJ today called on the United States to “tell the whole truth” about a series of media deaths in Iraq following the coroner’s verdict of unlawful killing over the death of Terry Lloyd.

IFJ general secretary Aidan White said: “If this was murder as the court suggests and the US is responsible, it is certainly a war crime.”

The IFJ said the verdict will invigorate the “global campaign for justice in another 19 cases where there have not been credible reports to explain the killing of journalists and media staff died as a result of American fire.”

White said: “This decision gets us one step closer to bringing Terry Lloyds’s killers to justice. It also signals that it is now time for the United States to abandon its policy of cover-up and tell the whole truth about other cases where media staff died in unexplained circumstances at the hands of its soldiers.

“So long as the United States remains indifferent and refuses to explain the actions of its soldiers in these killings there will be speculation about deliberate targeting of media staff.”

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