Litigation is not the answer

The shambles of the postal voting system, and the scope that it
allowed for fraudulent activities, is one of the great scandals of our

So I was shocked to read your report of the Daily Mail
reporter who was arrested and detained while carrying out an
investigation into the system (Press Gazette, 27 May).

However, I
have reservations about him claiming damages for his treatment at the
hands of the constabulary in question. Yes, their reaction was over the
top. Yes, I can see the temptation to strike a blow for all journalists
who have suffered at the hands of police forces. But by suing, he is
driving a further wedge between two already entrenched sides – the
press and the police.

By all means, expose their smallminded and
petulant reaction in the newspaper. But drop the litigation. It only
helps reinforce the victim culture we should all be striving to

David Matthews London NW5

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