Magazine editing by John Morrish

Price: £16.99

Publisher: Routledge

The dark art of successfully editing a magazine is examined by former Time Out editor John Morrish.

He looks at both the editorial and management side of the job, with advice on managing an editorial team, finding new readers, dealing with budgets, legal and ethical difficulties and using words, pictures and design.

Contact: Routledge, 11 New Fetter Lane, London, ec4p 4ee.

Website: www.routledge.co.uk

Awards reminders


Deadline: 7 August

Contact: Diane Lowe

Tel: 01483 412381

E-mail: bemas@wwf.org.uk

Bettmann 100 photo contest

Deadline: 22 August

E-mail: www.corbis.com/bettmann100


Broadband world

Publisher: Optimum Publishing

Price: £2.99

Broadband World has news on the latest internet developments, celebrity interviews, equipment and site guides, and features.

Editor: Chris James

Contact: Optimum Publications, 90 Walcot Street, Bath, ba1 5bg

E-mail: feedback.broadbandworldmagazine.co.uk

Tel: 01225 3377777 Fax: 01225 339977

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