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Newspaper Conference Annual Lunch

Jack Straw will be addressing editors and chief executives on topics concerning the regional press.

Date: 1 April

Contact: Martha Leary-Tanner

Tel: 020 7693 0441

E-mail: martha_lt@newspapersoc.org.uk

Website: www.newspapersoc.org.uk/nsservices/newspaper-conf/intro.html


Was it good for you too? 30 years of Cosmopolitan by Linda Kelsey

Price: £16.95

Publisher: Robson Books

Launched in 1972, Cosmopolitan capitalised on women’s interest in love, sex and work. The frank and empowering way it addressed these issues contributed to its success. This book charts the charges in the lives of young women over the last 20 years through topics that Cosmo became renowned for covering: Lipstick feminism, sex, fashion and beauty advice, and social issues such as sexual health and domestic violence. Author Linda Kelsey, who worked on Cosmo at its launch, went on to hold senior roles on Company and SHE.

Contact: Chrysalis Books, 64 Brewery Road, London N7 9NT

Tel: 020 7697 7304

Pharmaceutical Industry Press Directory

Publisher: The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

This annual directory provides press office contact details and out of hours telephone numbers for the major pharmaceutical companies press officers. Their main areas of research and interest are also listed.

Contact: Margaret Fleming, publications office, 12 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DY

Tel: 020 7930 3477 ext: 1446

E-mail: publications@abpi.org.uk

OneWorld Media Awards

These awards recognise outstanding coverage of the developing world. There are categories for print, radio, television and news media. The women’s achievement ward is a new addition to the event. It rewards broadcast programmes that explore the role of women in society and development.

Deadline: 21 March

Contact: Danny Winkler, OneWorld Broadcasting Trust, 3-7 Euston Centre, Regent’s Place, London NW1 3JG

Tel: 020 7874 7609

E-mail: oneworld@owbt.org

Website: www.owbt.org


Martha Gellhorn Prize

Date: 7 March 2003

Contact: Send non-returnable entries to “Rutherfords”, Herbert Road, Salcombe, Devon TQ8 8HN

Mind Journalist of the Year

Deadline: 7 March 2003-02-28 Contact: Julia MacPherson

Tel: 020 8522 1743

Courage in Journalism Awards

Deadline: 14 March 2003

Contact: Amy Johnson

E-mail: ajohnson@iwmf.org


Riba Journal

Sector: building

Publisher: Builder Group and Royal Institute of British Architects

Frequency: monthly

Price: £5.50

The RIBA Journal has gone from being A4 to a shorter, wider format. Designer Stefano Arata said: “A4 is the worst possible size for a magazine. It doesn’t get an emotional reaction. It’s just a piece of stationery. The magazine is very busy with ads so I was trying to brand the editorial with a strong grid and a small slug. Because adverts often feature san serif type faces, we are using slab serif, which is a strongly architectural design. It helps differentiate between the ads and the editorial. There’s a scheme of black, red and yellow which are strong colours and are familiar to the language of architectural design.”

Editor: Amanda Baillieu

Contact: 7th Floor, Anchorage House, 2 Clove Crescent, East India Docks, London E14 2BE

Tel: 020 7560 4000

E-mail: amanda_baillieu@buildergroup.co.uk

Website: www.ribajournal.com

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