Lifestyle magazine will target over-50s

2 Magazine: Dummy editions of the title to be produced by Condé Nast

An editor and journalists are being sought to work on a new lifestyle magazine which promises to steer clear of the stereotype images of stair lifts and incontinence pads associated with the over-50s.

The publication, called 2 Magazine, is due to launch on news-stands nationwide by Condé Nast’s contract publishing arm on behalf of Secondlifestyle, a company dedicated to providing services to the over-50s.

The 100 page glossy will target men and women aged 50 to 65 with a mix of lifestyle features including property and travel.

Secondlifestyle chairman Ken Burgess said the launch would be backed by a marketing spend in excess of £1m across the company as a whole.

Several publishers are believed to have pitched for the contract and although the deal has yet to be finalised, a letter of intent has been sent.

Burgess said the readership could extend to people in their late 40s or early 70s as it was more about a “mindset” than age.

“That’s the sector which really is looking at a second lifestyle, it’s not a retired sector, it’s an active sector and we believe there is great potential to target that market,” he told Press Gazette.

Burgess claimed the aim was not to promote Secondlifestyle as a company and he said 2 Magazine could attract a lot of readers who are put off by Yours and Saga magazine.

“Although it is very successful, Saga magazine to us really is 70-plus. You go to a 50-year-old and ask them do they buy Saga and they run a mile. We are not into incontinence pads and flowery bed covers, that’s their bag and they do it very well. Ours is a fun magazine aimed at men and women.

It is about a change in life, different careers, adventure and a new lifestyle overseas,” he said.

The title will have a cover price of £3.95 and an initial print run of 100,000.

By Ruth Addicott

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