Leek journalist banned from police station

Your Leek Paper deputy editor Shaun Lintern has been banned from his local police station for the “foreseeable future” after revealing evidence that was not used in an assault case.

Only one person was found guilty and jailed for grievous bodily harm against a 94-year-old woman in her home by Stafford Crown Court.

But Lintern’s own investigation revealed that there were two pairs of unidentifyed footprints at the crime scene that police have been unable to eliminate from their investigation and that were not used as evidence in the trial.

Since then Lintern’s local police station Staffordshire Police issued a statement which said it would be “inappropriate” for him to enter the premises.

Lintern said: “It is disappointing that the police have decided to discriminate against me personally for a story which was massively in the public interest. If it wasn’t for my story then the community of Leek would never have known about these footprints.

“In my opinion Staffordshire Police have decided to take their ball home and not play anymore.”

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