Leaders key to weeklies too

How refreshing it was to read Robin Fletcher’s piece (Press Gazette,
2 September) reminding us of the importance of leader columns.

Robin concentrated on regional dailies, it is equally important that
editors of weekly newspapers are urged to carry a worthwhile leader.

too many weeklies have decided that leaders are not for them,
preferring the easy option of filling their “opinion” pages with
letters to the editor.

Many regular contributors have assumed the role of replacement leader writers, happily filling the “leader vacuum”

to raise the very issues affecting the community, on which the newspapers should be giving a lead.

is time for publishers to remind their editors that it is the total
package, including a leader, that defines each newspaper’s brand and
its importance and relevance to its community. Furthermore, greater
reader interest and loyalty should result for the newspaper that is
seen to matter, make a difference and affect – not just reflect – local

Derek Smail Berwick-upon-Tweed

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