Launch gives an insight into the comment media

PR guru Julia Hobsbawm and former Independent comment editor Jack
O’Sullivan have unveiled the design for Editorial Intelligence, a
magazine devoted to the comment media, aimed at both PRs and

free title, designed by former Guardian designer David Hillman, is part
of an overall “media-monitoring and analysis service” intended to peel
back the surface of the media’s most influential area for the benefit
of people on both sides of the fence.

The magazine’s 34-strong advisory board includes John Kampfner, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Kim Fletcher and Suzanne Moore.

first issue, out 24 November, includes former New Statesman editor
Peter Wilby bemoaning the lack of expertise among commentators in the
scientific issues that matter in the 21st century; Andrew Marr on
needing a shower before he writes a column and a feature on how London
“rules the global thought waves”.

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