Lappas exhibits work for charity

Photojournalist Richard Lappas is holding an exhibition of his work to mark 25 years of capturing images that have made the pages of the nationals.

His pictures include a haunting image of missing Devon schoolgirl Genette Tate’s abandoned bicycle and the wreck of the Union Star.

Lappas started his career in London in the

Seventies as a caption writer at Keystone Press Agency. After three years he picked up a camera and in 1977 joined an agency in Exeter. His pictures of the trial of former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe were splashed across the front pages of the nationals. He left the agency in 1983 and now works for the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday.

Preferring to call himself a photojournalist rather than a member of the paparazzi, Lappas has still spent many hours taking unsolicited shots of people ranging from James Hewitt on horseback to Prince Edward training at the Royal Marines’ camp at Lympstone.

He said:”The only golden rule that applies to all the pictures

on show is I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.”

Members of the media are invited to see the exhibition on Saturday at 6.30pm at The Delta Centre, Exeter, and it will be open to the public from Monday, between 9am and 4pm. Money raised will go to the Dreamaway charity and the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.

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