Lance Armstrong libel case against Sunday Times settled


In the wake of this morning's High Court ruling that an article in the Sunday Times relating to top cyclist Lance Armstrong would be interpreted as meaning Armstrong was a "fraud, a cheat and a liar" settlement of the long running case was announced this afternoon.

Libel law firm Schillings who acted for Armstrong said in a statement : "The Sunday Times and Mr Armstrong are pleased to announce that they have settled their legal disputes. The Sunday Times has confirmed to Mr Armstrong that it never intended to accuse him of being guilty of taking any performance enhancing drugs and sincerely apologised for any such impression. Mr Armstrong has always vigorously opposed drugs in sport and appreciates The Sunday Times' efforts to also address the problem."

In a statement Armstrong said : "I am extremely happy with today's judgment, which is the latest in a series of consistent rulings in our favour.

"I always said that the article falsely alleged that I was guilty of doping. The article was based on untrue allegations, which are without substance, contained in a book published only in France."

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