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Lancashire Telegraph reporters help bring man to justice

Two Lancashire Telegraph journalists have helped convict a man of manslaughter nearly eight years after he killed his wife and dumped her body in a lake in France.

Robert Lund was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 12 years in jail for the killing of his wife Evelyn last month after picture editor Neil Johnson and reporter Clare Cook travelled to Albi in southern France to give evidence in court, based on their investigations into the case.

Evelyn was reported missing by Robert in January 1999, two years after the couple had moved to France from Blackburn.

In 2001, after water levels had dropped throughout the country due to drought conditions, French police found Evelyn’s car in the lake and her body on the back seat.

Evelyn’s family claimed that Robert may have been responsible and in 2003 the Telegraph pair travelled to Albi to investigate.

They tracked down Lund who, to their surprise, took them to the scene – even though he claimed to have never been there. He demonstrated a three-point turn, which he said was how his wife’s car fell into the lake.

The Telegraph ran three front page stories – which were used as evidence during Lund’s trial. Both Cook, who now works at the Daily Express, and Johnson gave evidence in person.

Telegraph editor Kevin Young said: “The Telegraph’s outstanding work in 2003 was a key part of the trial and was partially responsible for the conviction of Lund. This month our coverage of the case hit the same high standards.

“I would also commend Neil and Clare for the impressive way they handled themselves in the witness box in very trying circumstances.”