Kidnapped Guardian journalist freed in Iraq

By Jon Slattery

Kidnapped Guardian journalist Rory Carroll has been freed in Baghdad after being held captive for 36 hours.

phoned The Guardian last night to say he had been released into the
hands of the Iraqi government and was within the high security Green
Zone in Baghdad.

He told how he had been stripped of his clothes, handcuffed and held in a darkened room under the ground floor of a house.

an Irish citizen, was abducted in Sadr City, a Shia dominated district
of Baghdad as he was leaving a house where he had interviewed a victim
of Saddam Hussein.

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger said: “We are
overjoyed Rory has been released safe and sound. We’d like to thank all
those in London, Dublin and Iraq who played a role in freeing him. Both
the British and Irish governments have been extremely helpful – as have
many journalistic colleagues around the world and sympathetic groups
and individuals in Baghdad.”

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