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Kentish Times takes Olympic stand

The Kentish Times series has launched a campaign in its Bexley and Bromley editions to bring the Olympic Games to Crystal Palace.

The paper believes the magnitude of the event would be a great boost to communities in Bromley, Bexley and Lewisham.

Crystal Palace stadium has been at the forefront of many Kentish Times stories and group editor Melody Ryall said it was time for those hoping to bring the games to Britain to look seriously at the sports base.

“The stadium is in need of some financial attention and a little love and care, but it already has the fundamental facilities to attract Olympic athletes,” she argued.

“It was built in 1964 as a sports base of national importance and we think it is in a prime spot for further international glories.”

The campaign has received the backing of veteran British shot putter Judy Oakes.