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Keep safe with that L***** 20** coverage

If you’re planning a souvenir Olympic supplement with support advertising, remember there are strict legal guidelines that restrict the content. And you can expect them to be enforced.

It’s safe to make editorial references to the games, and use the logos. The danger comes when there’s  sponsorship, marketing or advertising involved.

The organisers have made it clear:1. Certain words are restricted. These are called  Listed Expressions and appear in two lists, A and B.

List A contains the words: Games, Two Thousand and Twelve, 2012 and Twenty Twelve.

List B contains the words: London, Medals, Sponsor, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

You cannot use of any two words in list A; or any word in list A with one or more of the words in list B.

So this rules out publishing statements like:

  • The Press Gazette and Bert’s Car Tyres support the London Olympics.
  • Watch the 2012 Games live at the Press Gazette website.
  • Come and join in the Mini-London 2012 games – Clapham Common, 6pm. Organised by the Press Gazette and Bert’s Car Tyres.
  • Dominic Ponsford is leading free Olympic-style training sessions for unfit journalists – all part of the Press Gazette’s 2012 strategy.
  • Get the right fit for the games – contact the Press Gazette for your free Olympics T-shirt.
  • See the Press Gazette’s Olympics mini-site: www.pressgazette/Olympics.

2.    You can only use the symbols on page 8 of this link in a 100% EDITORIAL context, and in your existing newspaper, magazine or on your websites. You need consent (and probably won’t get it) if you’re planning to use the symbols in a supplement, book, eBook or website focusing on the Games or London 2012 .

3.    You cannot use graphics that imply a commercial association – see page 11 of the above link for an example

4.    Editorial use only covers articles in your existing newspaper, magazine or on your website. You need consent if you’re planning a separate.

So – get busy with that L***** 20** coverage. But don’t mention the O******s.

Cleland Thom is a consultant and trainer in media law Contact him at if you want an opinion on whether your Olympic coverage is safe.



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