Kate Middleton drops PCC complaint

Kate Middleton has dropped her complaint against the Daily Mirror after its editor publicly apologised and said the paper "got it wrong" by printing paparazzi picture of her.

Middleton made the complaint to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) through her lawyers Harbottle and Lewis over a picture printed in the paper on 29 March.

Mirror editor Richard Wallace issued a public apology the next day, printed in the paper on 31 March.

The PCC today warned editors against using paparazzi pictures. A statement said: "We would like to remind editors refrain from using photographs when the subject of the picture has asked the photographer to stop photographing them, and there is no public interest in them persisting.

"In this case Kate Middleton has made repeatedly clear to the press that she objects to being followed by photographers when going about her daily business."

The PCC said that the complaint against the Mirror, made under clause four of the editors' code of conduct (harassment), was a "rare" result of the paper ignoring Middleton's requests for privacy.


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