July national newspaper ABCs - most titles down but Sun overtakes Record

The July heat wave apparently did nothing for newspaper sales – with every sector of the national press declining year-on-year that month.

The Evening Standard’s year-on-year decline was particularly great – because of a sales boost last year prompted by the 7 July bombings.

The most notable news was north of the border where the Scottish Sun beat the Daily Record (on sales in Scotland) for the first time ever.

In terms of Scottish significance – it is equivalent to the moment when The Sun overtook the market-leading Daily Mirror UK-wide for the first time.

The Sun victory follows savage price cutting – and the Record believes it is not sustainable. But it will still be cause for huge celebration in the Scottish Sun’s Glasgow offices.

In July the Scottish Sun sold an average of 393,953 copies in Scotland versus the Daily Record on 384,378.

National newspaper ABC figures for July 

National morning popular

Daily Mirror: 1,660,151, down 5.29 per cent (year-on-year)

Daily Record: 424,312, down 8.57 per cent

Daily Star: 797,132, down 10.42 per cent

The Sun: 3,207,430, down 4.07 per cent

National morning mid market

Daily Express: 833,145, down 0.33 per cent

The Daily Mail: 2,389,236, down 1.3 per cent

National morning quality

The Daily Telegraph: 897,416, down 1.63 per cent

Financial Times: 423,548, up 3.23 per cent

The Herald: 68,542, down 7.33 per cent

The Guardian: 370,612, up 3.42 per cent

The Independent: 250,761, down 1.89 per cent

The Scotsman: 58,556, down 11.35 per cent

The Times: 667,496, down 4.38 per cent

London evening

Evening Standard: 300,993, down 19.3 per cent

National Sunday popular

Daily Star Sunday: 403,824, down 6.65 per cent

News of the World: 3,482,856, down 5.92 per cent

Sunday Mail:517,609, down 6.41 per cent

Sunday Mirror: 1,502,414, down three per cent

The People: 840,860, down 13.86 per cent

Sunday Sport: 105,499, down 33.71 per cent

National Sunday mid market

Sunday Express: 796,956, down 10.19 per cent

The Mail on Sunday: 2,221,338, down 1.78 per cent

National Sunday quality

Independent on Sunday: 216,175, up 4.59 per cent

The Observer: 457,806, up 2.71 per cent

Scotland on Sunday: 67,049, down 10.82 per cent

Sunday Herald: 50,723, down 4.83 per cent

The Sunday Telegraph: 656,055, down 3.93 per cent

The Sunday Times: 1,308,604, down 2.24 per cent

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