July ABCs: Prince effect boosts Mail on Sunday sale

Six national newspaper titles put on sales year-on-year in July – one of the most positive ABC performances for several months.

Among the dailies, The Daily Star was up 1.86 per cent to 811,988, the Daily Mail was up 0.46 per cent to 2,400,143 and the Financial Times was up 0.69 per cent to 426,451.

In the Sundays, the Daily Star Sunday rose 6.46 per cent to 429,907 and the Mail on Sunday rose 4.43 per cent year-on-year to 2,319,788 – helped massively by a Prince CD promotion which added 600,000 sales alone on one week.

The Independent on Sunday continued to feel the benefits of its relaunch as ‘one big newspaper and one big magazine”. It rose 0.09 per cent to 216,371 year-on-year.

Overall, the sale of national daily newspapers fell 2.27 per cent to 11,774,993.

The sale of national Sunday newspapers fell 3.83 per cent to 12,564,284.

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